Which Appendix Carry Holsters Are Good?

Best Appendix Carry Holster

Written by Mark Buff, GunZee founder and CEO.

Of all the IWB positions you can pack a firearm, appendix carry, often abbreviated AIWB, is one of the most popular. To pull off AIWB well, you need a good holster. 

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If you’re considering appendix carry and just want the very best holster for your money, it’s time to look into your options and find the best appendix carry holster for you.

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As this redditor points out, not every IWB holster makes a good appendix carry holster. Let’s dive into the best holsters for AIWB.

Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim

Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim

Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim.

Image source: https://www.tier1concealed.com/products/new-axis-custom?variant=12494035746887

The Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim is a high-performance holster that features a military-grade shock cord connection between the holster and magazine for better flexibility and concealment. Users appreciate the ability to replace the shock cord and customize the color. 

Constructed from KYDEX and leather, the Slim has a sleek design for excellent concealment, an adjustable retention system, and an optional mag carrier. 

  • KYDEX and leather hybrid construction
  • Military-grade shock cord connection for greater flexibility and better concealment
  • Adjustable retention system for a secure fit
  • Optional mag carrier for added convenience
  • Durable construction and ease of use
  • Accommodates larger firearms
  • Some users find the mag carrier uncomfortable or bulky
  • Holster may take some time to break in
  • On the pricier side—over $130

Axis Slim History

The Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim holster was first introduced in 2019 as an improvement over their original Axis holster design. The Axis Slim is slimmer and less bulky than the original Axis, but it still has the same reliable retention and easy access that made the original Axis a favorite.

Axis Slim User Reviews

This reddit user is pretty happy with the concealability of the Slim for his Glock 19. 

This redditor loves the Slim’s flexibility.

This redditor seems to think the Slim’s overhyped a bit, even though “it’s a great holster” in the main. 

Tenicor Velo

Tenicor Velo 4 AIWB

Tenicor Velo 4 AIWB. Image source: https://tenicor.com/collections/velo-for-glock

The Tenicor Velo’s unique features include the Velo Pad, a foam backing designed to reduce pressure points and increase airflow, as well as an adjustable ride height and cant for a customizable fit. The Velo is made from precision-formed KYDEX and features an adjustable retention system for a secure fit. It’s also compatible with slide-mounted optics and suppressor-height sights up to .5".

Users appreciate the Velo's lightweight construction and minimalistic design; however, some users have noted that the retention system may take some time to break in and adjust properly.

  • Made from high-quality KYDEX and leather.
  • Designed for maximum comfort and concealment with a minimalist profile.
  • Features the Velo pad: a foam backing designed to reduce pressure points and increase airflow.
  • Adjustable retention system for a secure fit.
  • Available with or without an attached mag carrier.
  • Users appreciate the Velo's customizable fit and ability to accommodate larger firearms.
  • The built-in wedge and forward cant receive high praise from users for improving comfort and concealment.
  • Price starts at $99 and goes up from there.
  • Made in the USA and comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Velo History

The Tenicor Velo was introduced in 2017 and quickly established itself as one of the best appendix carry holsters on the market. People who worked in law enforcement and wanted a better holster for themselves started Tenicor. The Velo was made to meet their high standards. Both law enforcement and civilian users have praised the Velo, and it has quickly become a favorite among those who carry concealed on a daily basis.

Velo User Reviews

“It is the best concealed carry holster I’ve used and the one we recommend the most.” Over on Tactical Hyve, “Myles” reviewed the Velo. 

By wearing the gun in front of the hip, Tenicor has eliminated the side bulges that other inside the waistband holsters can’t hide. Two key design features of the VELO help make your gun disappear. The combination of the camming bar and anatomically correct body contour rotates the grip up and into the body.

A lot of users agree with Myles.

This redditor loves the Velo’s design, fit, and finish, but wishes it concealed a little better.

“My Velo is a bit of a pain to remove sometimes, but I think the added security is well worth the effort,” says this redditor about his Velo holster.

Vedder LightTuck

Vedder LightTuck

Vedder LightTuck holster.

Image source: https://www.vedderholsters.com/lighttuck/

The Vedder LightTuck is a handcrafted, ultra-thin KYDEX holster. Its adjustable ride height feature and adjustable retention system provide maximum comfort and customization. The LightTuck's 30-degree adjustable cant allows for versatile carry positions, including the appendix, cross draw, and standard 3-5 o'clock positions. Its reinforced shell ensures convenient one-handed reholstering, while its full sweat shield and sight channels provide added protection and accessibility.

The LightTuck is available for both right and left-handed draw and is compatible with threaded barrels and suppressor sights. Users appreciate its tuckable, low-profile spring steel clip and the option to add the claw attachment for even better concealment. Vedder offers over 75 colors and patterns to choose from, and all holsters come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Some users have noted that the clip may be too tight or too loose, and the holster may require a break-in period.

  • Custom-fit to your specific gun model for the thinnest profile possible.
  • Adjustable ride height and retention for personalized comfort and security.
  • 30° of adjustable forward and reverse cant for versatile carry positions.
  • Sleek design for easy on/off throughout the day.
  • Reinforced shell for convenient one-handed reholstering.
  • Rock-solid spring steel clip that is tuckable and virtually print-free.
  • Full sight channels accommodate all standard and most suppressor sights.
  • Full sweat shield for sweat-free carry and minimal contact with body.
  • Optional claw attachment for even better concealment.
  • Available in over 75 colors and patterns for personal style.
  • Handcrafted to order in the USA with a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • At $70, it’s more affordable than some of the other options we cover in this article.

LightTuck History

The Vedder LightTuck holster was made in 2012 by Vedder Holsters, a family-owned business in Mount Dora, Florida. They set out to design a holster that was both comfortable and versatile, and the LightTuck was born. Since its release, the LightTuck has become a popular choice among gun owners. 

LightTuck User Reviews

This YouTube user loves the LightTuck for its adjustment options. 

Take Aim TV reviewed the LightTuck and praised its adjustability and concealability.

Make your AIWB holster comfortable with our memory foam pad.

T.REX ARMS Sidecar

The Sidecar by T.REX ARMS is a modular, flexible, and concealable AIWB holster that features the innovative Spine System. This system allows the holster and preferred attachment to flex as you move and conform better to your body, providing maximum comfort and concealability while retaining the stability you need for consistency when you draw your pistol or grab your magazine for a reload. 

The Sidecar has good retention, adjustability of holster ride height and cant, and compatibility with optics and suppressor-height sights. It is made from 0.093 precision-formed KYDEX and is compatible with standardized slide-mounted optics that are mounted behind the ejection port (not compatible with optics mounted on the frame or over-hanging the ejection port) and with suppressor height sights up to 0.5" tall. 

  • The T.REX ARMS Spine System makes the holster more flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • The single-axis pivot system ensures stability when drawing or reloading.
  • The holster has improved retention, adjustability, and compatibility with optics and suppressor-height sights.
  • Modular attachments allow for carrying an extra magazine, a tourniquet, or handcuffs, and more attachments are in development.
  • The holster and spine are made from a single piece of Kydex, and the attachment is connected by a machined steel pin.
  • Users appreciate the comfort, flexibility, and adjustability of the T.REX Sidecar, as well as its compatibility with optics and suppressor-height sights.
  • Some users have reported difficulty holstering the firearm, and others have found the holster to be slightly bulky.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Starting at $100, the Sidecar is more expensive than many other holsters featured in this article, though the unique hinge system may justify the price.

The Open Source Sidecar Spine System

The Spine System is T.Rex’s open source innovation and uses off-the-shelf tools and parts. According to the manufacturer, it “combines the best aspects of both rigid and flexible Sidecar-style holsters.”

The hinge pin and teeth measure 0.25 inches in diameter, allowing for easy customization using hand tools. The spine is compatible with various materials, such as plastic parts like the Raptor Wing or textiles like the Tourniquet Holder.

Sidecar History

T.Rex Arms first introduced the Sidecar holster in 2012. It quickly gained popularity among firearm enthusiasts for its close fit to the body and ability to conceal even full-sized firearms. T.Rex Arms has continued to refine and improve the Sidecar over the years, incorporating feedback from customers and professional shooters.

Sidecar User Reviews 

According to a Warrior Poet Supply review, “The Sidecar holster was far more comfortable than I imagined it would be. The angles of the KYDEX allow the holster to fall in the ‘right’ spots so sitting down and moving about is not uncomfortable.”

YouTuber Tiberious Gib reviewed the Sidecar and liked the Spine System hinge.

This redditor didn’t like Sidecar’s claw but found a way to make it work. 

StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution

The StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution is made from a single piece of Boltaron thermoplastic material, providing superior durability and impact resistance. It can accommodate guns with suppressor sights and red dot optics. The adjustable retention system ensures a secure fit while allowing for easy one-handed reholstering.

The SG-Revolution features a low profile design with a sweat guard and a variety of attachment options, including a tuckable clip and J-hook for maximum versatility. Users appreciate the comfortable and customizable fit of the holster, with many noting its ability to be worn for extended periods of time without causing discomfort. Users highly praise its quality construction and attention to detail. However, some users note that the holster can be difficult to adjust at first, and the tuckable clip may not be as secure as other attachment options.

  • Made from a single piece of Boltaron thermoplastic material.
  • Adjustable retention system provides a secure fit and easy one-handed reholstering.
  • Sweat guard protects the gun and the wearer from sweat and moisture.
  • Comes with a variety of attachment options.
  • Can initially be difficult to adjust for some.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Starting from $60, The SG-Revolution is on the cheaper side of this list.

SC-Revolution History

The new StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution holster replaced the well-liked SG-USA Ventcore holster in 2019. The SG-Revolution was designed with professional shooters in mind and is marketed as the company's most comfortable and concealable holster to date.

SC-Revolution User Reviews

This redditor appreciates the SC-Revolution's comfort and retention but favors the Ventcore.

Brandon Curtis, at Concealed Nation, finds the SG-Revolution to be unique. “The diamond pattern that lets the holster ‘breathe’ is pretty neat, and gives the holster a look that we haven’t seen anywhere else. This backing, made of a proprietary polymer, seems like it’ll hold up to just about anything. I have no doubt that this will last for the long-term.”.

StealthGearUSA Ventcore 1.0 

The StealthGearUSA Ventcore 1.0 AIWB holster combines comfort and breathability with high-performance materials. The patented Ventcore technology ensures maximum airflow, while a hard holster shell and high-performance mesh backing protect your firearm and wick away moisture. Each holster is custom designed for your firearm, providing perfect grip clearance and 100% trigger guard coverage.

The Ventcore comes with polymer straight clips, rust-resistant stainless steel fasteners, and is compatible with suppressor sights. Users appreciate the Ventcore technology and the holster's overall comfort, with many noting its ability to be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort. However, some users find the clips to be difficult to adjust, and the RDC cut is not available for all models, limiting compatibility with certain firearms.

  • Patented Ventcore technology for breathability and moisture wicking
  • Hard holster shell for firearm protection
  • High-performance mesh backing for comfort
  • Red Dot Compatible (RDC) cut available for some models
  • Custom design for perfect grip clearance and 100% trigger guard coverage
  • Polymer straight clips for strength and retention
  • Compatible with suppressor sights
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Available for laser or light bearing models
  • Hand-built in the USA
  • Price starts from $99, making it more expensive than some other models on the list.

Ventcore History

The StealthGearUSA Ventcore 1.0 AIWB holster was first introduced in 2015 as a new addition to their line of holsters. The Ventcore technology used in this holster was patented by StealthGearUSA. The holster has since been updated with newer versions and remains a popular choice for AIWB carry among gun owners.

Ventcore User Reviews

This Amazon purchaser loves the Ventcore. “Comfortable, lightweight, and very good quality,” he noted.

This redditor favors the Ventcore overall, but “there is a challenge practicing draw and reupholstering.”

Best Appendix Holster for Fat Guys

Appendix carry might be challenging for people who pack excess weight in their middle. Belly fat can push against the holster, leading to issues with accessibility, concealment, and comfort. For some, the weight of the gun pulls the holster down, leading to further discomfort.

To combat these challenges, a good AIWB holster should have the following characteristics:

  • A low profile design to minimize bulk and avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen
  • A wider base to distribute the weight of the firearm more evenly and reduce pressure points.
  • A sweat guard to protect the gun from moisture. 
  • A comfortable and adjustable fit so the holster can be worn for extended periods of time. 
  • A sturdy and secure attachment method to prevent the holster from shifting or becoming dislodged when the wearer moves. 

Here are some of the most popular appendix carry holsters for big dudes:

  1. Tulster Profile
  2. Tier 1 Concealed Axis Elite
  3. JM Custom KYDEX AIWB
  4. The Keeper Holster
  5. Tenicor Velo.

This redditor, who admits he’s “all gut,” finds the Velo comfortable and recommends “finding pants with a fairly robust waist and going up a size.”

Here are a few quick tips for finding the best holster for a larger person:

  • Consider the size and shape of the holster. Look for holsters that are specifically designed for larger people or have a larger footprint to accommodate your body size.
  • Check the fit. Make sure the holster fits snugly around your firearm to prevent it from moving around or falling out. Also, make sure the holster is comfortable to wear and does not pinch or rub against your skin. 
  • Look for adjustability. Choose holsters with adjustable retention and ride height to ensure a comfortable fit and easier concealment of your firearm.
  • Test it out. Put on the holster and practice drawing your firearm to ensure it is easily accessible in an emergency. Also, try it on for size to see if it's comfortable enough for all-day wear.

This reddit user recommends the 2 o’clock position for fat guy AIWB.

No matter your size, you deserve comfort. Get our holster pad, apply it, and thank us later!

Best Appendix Holster for Skinny Guys

Skinny folks print more when they carry concealed because the size of the gun is larger, proportional to the body, than it is for larger people. The main challenge for skinny guys is to find a holster that is slender enough that it adds negligible thickness to the gun.

The most low-profile AIWB holsters for skinny guys include the following:

  1. Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim
  2. Tenicor Velo
  3. Vedder LightTuck
  4. T.Rex Arms Sidecar
  5. StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution

Affordable Appendix Carry Holster

There are a number of budget-friendly AIWB holsters that don’t sacrifice safety or comfort. Still, the price tag shouldn't be your sole factor when shopping for a holster. To guarantee a safe and efficient carry, the holster's fit, comfort, and retention are all crucial.

Here are some of our favorite budget appendix carry holsters:

  1. Tulster Profile: ~ $65
  2. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: ~ $42
  3. CYA Supply Co. Holster: ~ $60
  4. Alien Gear Universal: ~ $45
  5. Bianchi Foldaway: ~ $29

This user recommends starting with the LightTuck.

This redditor loves the Foldaway holster for its concealment. 

This redditor recommends buying a holster from a manufacturer “with a reasonable returns policy” instead of going for the cheapest holster you can find. That way, you can return the holster if you don’t like it.

This user recommends the Alien Gear Universal as a good AIWB option.

The Best KYDEX Appendix Holster

KYDEX is a thermoplastic material known for its durability and heat resistance, making it great for retention and longevity. For comfort, not so great, though our memory foam holster pads are the cure for uncomfortable holsters.

Some KYDEX holsters have adjustable retention screws that allow you to adjust the level of retention, whereas others have a fixed level of retention. Some KYDEX holsters have a sweat guard to protect the gun from sweat and moisture.

The list of the best KYDEX appendix holsters includes the following:

  1. Tulster Oath 
  2. Vedder LightTuck 
  3. Tier1 Concealed Axis Slim 
  4. StealthGearUSA VG2 
  5. G-Code Incog 
  6. Bravo Concealment Torsion 
  7. Black Arch Holsters ACE-1 Gen 2
  8. CYA Supply Co. IWB 
  9. Tenicor Velo 
  10. Keepers Concealment Errand 

Let’s see what users have to say.

A reviewer at Armory Life loves the Oath. “I can tell you that it is very comfortable. If you ever have problems with a holster pressing into you below the belt, rest assured, this one will not do that. Again, the ride height helps here, and the rounded bottom edge of this holster allows for a comfortable fit.”

“Top notch in quality. No sharp edges, the clips are rugged, and it's molded to your gun very well." This 1911 addicts reviewer likes the Incog.

“The structure is sturdy, not flimsy, the edges and seams were tight and smooth, no sharp edges against my skin,” says this reviewer about his Errand.

Carry your appendix holster with comfort.

Leather vs Hybrid Appendix Holster

Leather appendix carry holsters offer a classic look and a smooth feel against the skin. They can be molded to fit a specific firearm and are known for their durability and longevity, often lasting for years with proper care. Unfortunately, retention is leather’s weak point: a gun can slide out of a leather holster much easier than it could from a hybrid holster. Leather also tends to be less sweat-resistant than synthetic materials.

Hybrid holsters typically consist of a KYDEX shell and a backing made of leather, neoprene, or mesh. This pairing provides a comfortable and sweat-resistant backing while also offering the security and retention of KYDEX. Hybrid holsters are usually customizable, allowing users to adjust the ride height and cant. However, they may not be as durable as full leather holsters and don’t offer the same classic look.

Whether you’re wearing a leather or hybrid holster, our pad will make it comfortable. Grab our holster pad and enjoy!

Best Appendix Holster With Magazine

Some IWB holsters come with an attached magazine carrier; others offer it as an optional add-on; and still others don’t have the option of a mag carrier at all. A mag carrier adds bulk to a holster but also provides the security of extra firepower. Some folks hate them; others love them. 

Here are some of the best appendix carry holsters that have an optional magazine carrier.

  1. Tulster Profile
  2. T.REX ARMS Sidecar
  3. Vedder LightTuck
  4. StealthGearUSA VG2
  5. Tier 1 Concealed Axis Elite

Most Comfortable Appendix Carry Holster

Many AIWB holsters are made of rigid KYDEX, which is not the most comfortable material. Wearing a holster all day, especially when sitting for long periods, can wear on a person’s waistline. To make a holster more comfortable, you can attach our memory foam holster padding to ride between the KYDEX and your body. Let’s look at other factors that play into holster comfort.

  • Holster material and construction matter. A soft, flexible holster with smooth edges is more comfortable than a rigid, bulky holster with sharp edges.
  • Cant: the angle at which the holster sits on the waistband can affect comfort; some people prefer a forward cant to a straight drop.
  • The method by which the holster attaches to the waistband can affect comfort; some people prefer a single clip, while others find that a wider attachment method distributes the weight of the gun more evenly.
  • The ability to adjust the position and retention of the holster can improve comfort by allowing the wearer to fine-tune the fit to their body and preferences.
  • Gun size: larger and heavier guns require a sturdier, more substantial holster to distribute weight and reduce pressure points.

For this redditor, carrying a full size gun is more comfortable for AIWB.

AIWB and IWB Holster Differences

Appendix carry may be the most popular inside waistband (IWB) carrying position. While any IWB holster can be worn in the appendix carry position, some holsters perform better at AIWB than others.

This redditor describes the qualities a good AIWB holster should have.

Best Appendix Carry Holster for Glock 19 

The Glock 19 is a popular 9mm concealed carry pistol with a standard capacity of 15 rounds. Here are several of the best AIWB holsters for the 19:

  1. ShapeShift AIWB for Glock 19
  2. Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim
  3. Tenicor Velo
  4. Vedder LightTuck
  5. T.REX ARMS Sidecar
  6. StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution

This redditor recommends the Velo for its easy concealment.

Best Appendix Carry Holster for Glock 26

The Glock 26 is a popular subcompact 9mm handgun. If you’re looking for a good appendix carry holster for your 26, here are some of your best options:

  1. Ventcore AIWB 
  2. Dara Holsters 
  3. Phlster Floodlight 
  4. StealthGearUSA VG2 
  5. Vedder Light Tuck

For this redditor, the LightTuck is the best AIWB holster for the Glock 26 because of its tuckability and concealability. 

Appendix Carry Holsters FAQ

Who makes the most comfortable IWB holster for appendix carry?

You'll need to try different holsters to figure out which is the most comfortable for you. That said, Tier 1 Concealed, JM Custom KYDEX, and StealthGearUSA make some pretty comfortable appendix holsters.

Do you need a special holster for appendix carry?

You can wear any IWB holster in the appendix carry position, but some holsters perform better at AIWB than others.

Is appendix carry a good idea?

Appendix carry can provide faster access to your firearm and may be more comfortable for some people than other carry positions. However, extra precautions and training are required to avoid accidental discharge.

Negligent discharges can occur in any carry position, but when they occur from the appendix carry, they have the potential to cause serious injury and even death.

What are the drawbacks of appendix carry?

The biggest drawbacks of appendix carry are the risk of negligent discharge and the discomfort (for some) of having a rigid holster pressed into the front of one's body for long periods of time.

What is a passive retention holster and why should I use it with a gun belt?

Passive retention holsters rely on tension and friction to keep your firearm secure. These holsters are popular among those who prefer a faster and more natural draw stroke. These holsters need a strong gun belt to give them stability. A passive retention holster, such as the Alien Gear ShapeShift or Gear Holster, can provide a comfortable and secure carry solution for your firearm when paired with a high-quality gun belt.

Is appendix carry the safest way to carry CCW?

Appendix carry is one of the riskiest CCW positions, but with proper training and extreme care, the risk can be minimized.

What are some good options for carrying spare magazines?

Mag pouches are a popular way to store extra magazines. They are available in a variety of styles and materials, such as leather, KYDEX, and nylon.

What should I consider when selecting a range bag?

When choosing a range bag, keep in mind the size and weight of your equipment, as well as the amount of storage space you require. Look for bags with strong handles, soft straps, and plenty of pockets.

What is a slick side AIWB holster?

A slick side AIWB holster is a simple holster with no sweat guard or extra material and typically made of KYDEX.

What is a pistol brace and why use one?

A pistol brace is a device that attaches to a pistol's buffer tube and provides extra support for the shooter's arm. They are commonly used to aid in firearm stability and accuracy.

What are some holster options for concealed carry?

IWB, OWB, pocket, ankle, and shoulder holsters are all popular ways to carry a gun while keeping it hidden. Consider factors such as comfort, accessibility, and concealment when selecting a holster.

What is the difference between IWB and cross draw carry?

IWB carry involves tucking a holster into one's waistband. Cross draw carry means that one is wearing the gun on the opposite side of the dominant hand so that they reach across their body to draw. Cross draw can be done IWB, OWB, or in a shoulder holster. Both carry styles have advantages and disadvantages, so it's critical to select the carry method that best suits your needs and preferences.

What are some popular IWB KYDEX holsters for appendix carry?

The Fierce Defender IWB KYDEX Holster and Alien Gear ShapeShift are popular options for appendix IWB carry. Both are made of high-quality KYDEX and are intended for secure and comfortable IWB carry. The Fierce Defender IWB KYDEX holster has a cant and retention system that can be adjusted for a custom fit. The Alien Gear ShapeShift has modular parts that let you switch between different carry styles.

What are the different types of holsters?

There are several types of holsters:

  • IWB holster
  • OWB holster
  • Ankle holster
  • Shoulder holster 
  • Pocket holster
  • Belly band holster

What should I look for in a gun cleaning kit for my 9mm pistol?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a gun cleaning kit for your 9mm pistol. Look for a cleaning kit that includes cleaning rods, patches, and brushes designed specifically for the 9mm caliber. It's also critical to select a cleaning solution that's safe for the materials in your pistol, such as copper, brass, or steel. 

What are some popular concealed carry guns?

Some popular CCW handguns include the following:

  1. Glock 19
  2. Smith & Wesson MP Shield
  3. Sig P365
  4. Springfield Armory XD-S
  5. Ruger LCP II
  6. Walther PPS M2
  7. Glock 43
  8. Kimber Micro 9
  9. Smith & Wesson J-Frame Revolvers
  10. Kahr PM9

What are red dot sights good for?

Red dot sights provide a single point of focus. This makes them quick-acquisition and simple-to-use sights, allowing the user to focus on the field of view in front of them.

Do I need a mag carrier?

Only you can decide whether a mag carrier is necessary for everyday carry, but if you're already carrying a firearm, make sure you have enough ammo to stop a threat. The best way to accomplish this is with a magazine carrier.

What are the different types of belt clips for holsters?

Belt clips for holsters come in a variety of styles, including:

  • J-hook
  • C-clip
  • Overhook
  • Straight clip
  • Ulti-clip 

What are the different types of ear protection for shooting?

Earmuffs and earplugs are the two most common types of shooting ear protection.

  • Earmuffs are a type of hearing protection that covers the entire ear and forms a seal. They are frequently adjustable and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Earmuffs are generally easier to put on and take off than earplugs and can be more comfortable for prolonged use. They also provide better protection against loud noises.
  • Earplugs are small and lightweight devices made of foam, silicone, or other materials. They are inserted into the ear canal and form a seal to keep out noise. They are usually less expensive than earmuffs and can be disposable or reusable. Some people prefer earplugs because they can wear them under a hat or other headgear and are more covert.

About the Author

Mark Buff is the founder and CEO of GunZee. He is an ardent firearms enthusiast and has been carrying concealed for more than 15 years. He created GunZee to solve his own problem: that of uncomfortable KYDEX holsters. His patented GunZee memory foam holster pad makes inside-the-waistband carry super comfortable.

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