Velcro 4-Pack

Velcro 4-Pack

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Expand the versatility of your GunZee pad with our Velcro Accessory Pack. Each pack includes 4 pairs of heavy duty 2" x 6" Velcro hook and loop strips needed to securely attach your GunZee pad to various holsters.

Crafted from industrial-grade materials, these Velcro strips are designed for heavy-duty use. The robust adhesive backing ensures a strong, reliable hold, perfect for both everyday carry and more demanding scenarios. Whether adjusting your GunZee pad for a different holster or replacing worn strips, this accessory pack provides the flexibility you need.

Ideal for enthusiasts who frequently switch between firearms or require additional support, our Velcro Accessory Pack is a must-have for ensuring your GunZee product maintains optimal performance and comfort. Easy to apply and durable, these strips are an essential addition to your concealed carry toolkit.

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