What is the best holster for micro-compact pistols?

What is the best holster for micro-compact pistols?

Written by Mark Buff , GunZee founder and CEO.

Micro-compact pistols have exploded in popularity. Their slim profiles allow for discreet, accessible everyday carry. Finding the right CCW holster is crucial for comfortable EDC, and we are here to help.

Whether you prefer outside or inside the waistband carry, our holster picks combine durability with customization to ensure your micro-compact firearm stays protected and easily accessible. Read on for recommendations you can trust.

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How to choose?

IWB KYDEX holsters don’t have to be uncomfortable. Apply our triple-layered holster pad and prepare to be amazed. 

Best for IWB carry: CrossBreed MiniTuck

MiniTuck® IWB Holster

CrossBreed MiniTuck® IWB Holster. 

Image source: https://www.crossbreedholsters.com/holsters/inside-the-waistband-holsters/minituck-iwb-holster.html

The CrossBreed MiniTuck perfectly balances comfort and concealment for carrying micro-compact firearms. This versatile inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster combines a molded KYDEX shell with a leather backing. The combat cut allows a quick draw, while the adjustable SnapLok belt clips allow you to customize both ride height and cant.

Ideal for deep concealment, the MiniTuck fits a variety of pistols such as the Springfield Hellcat, Sig Sauer P938, and Glock 43 without excess bulk. The sweat-resistant leather backer contours to your body for a personalized fit, while the molded KYDEX front retains the firearm securely.

As a bonus, the MiniTuck is available in standard black or coyote tan KYDEX finishes and alternate leather colors like horsehide. Custom graphics also allow you to express your personal style. Crossbreed stands behind the quality and reliability of this IWB holster for concealed carry with both a two-week trial period and a lifetime warranty.

“By far the most comfortable IWB holster I own,” says this reviewer about his CrossBreed MiniTuck holster.


Best for OWB carry: Safariland 7378

Safariland 7378 7TS™

Safariland 7378 7TS™.

Image source: https://safariland.com/products/model-7378-7ts-als-concealment-paddle-and-belt-loop-combo-holster-34851/

The Safariland 7378 combines speed and security for concealed carry. This open-top holster secures micro-compact firearms like the Sig Sauer P365 using the automated locking system (ALS), which engages when holstering. A simple thumb release allows the fastest possible draw when needed.

Constructed of durable SafariSeven nylon, the 7378 protects your firearm's finish. Interior molding stands the gun off from contact points while allowing debris and moisture to clear quickly. An adjustable injection-molded belt loop and paddle platform enable versatile carry inside or outside the waistband.

Ideal for appendix and OWB positions, the Safariland 7378 keeps your micro-compact or subcompact firearm at the ready while staying firmly retained. The high-traction SafariSeven material also provides an optimal grip when drawing in tense situations. Backed by a trusted industry name, this hybrid holster balances concealed carry speed with Level II security.

This reviewer loves his Safariland 7378 because of its concealability.


Best for shoulder carry: Galco Classic Lite 2.0

Shoulder carry brings added comfort and accessibility while keeping your micro-compact firearm close at hand. The Galco Classic Lite 2.0 shoulder rig perfectly balances these priorities for part-time concealed carry.

The holster, double magazine pouch, and 1.5" wide harness straps are made of premium center cut steerhide. This leather construction contours smoothly even under lighter clothing for discreet carry. A Flexalon backplate allows the holster to swivel, keeping your firearm correctly oriented when sitting or standing.

The Classic Lite 2.0 positions your handgun horizontally across the chest for a fast, natural draw stroke. This helps ensure quick access from multiple firing positions. The double mag pouch lies vertically, holding two spare magazines securely under flaps while allowing rapid reload access.

Compatible with waist tie-downs and other attachments, this modular shoulder holster also features a universal fit accommodating many medium and large-frame pistols. Galco's quality craftsmanship ensures long-term durability and performance.

Best for pocket carry: DeSantis Super Fly

The DeSantis Super Fly sets the new standard for durable, discreet pocket carry. Building on the popular Nemesis design, the Super Fly adds an even stickier textured exterior to this minimalist gun holster, ensuring your micro-compact pistol stays positioned properly inside your pocket.

Exclusive rubberized fabric clings to clothing without sagging or shifting, maintaining concealment. The non-slip surface also allows an easy, smooth draw when needed for self-defense. A removable flap provides added disguise against printing or detection.

Inside, slick pack cloth facilitates fast presentation while polymer reinforcements retain the firearm’s shape. The Super Fly works equally well for front or back-pocket carry. Simply drop your pistol into this holster, pocket it, and go about your day with confidence your CCW is securely retained for quick access when needed.

As a bonus, the hook and loop closure and reversible flap allow you to carry spare ammo or ID discreetly. 

This reviewer is very pleased with his Super Fly holster.


Best for ankle carry: Galco Ankle Glove

For excellent concealment without compromising access, the Galco Ankle Glove sets the standard. This minimalist ankle holster focuses purely on secure carry and smooth, rapid deployment.

Premium steerhide construction provides durability and weather resistance. Custom molding retains the profile of micro and subcompact firearms like the Ruger LCP and S&W Shield without bulging under clothing. A reinforced thumb break secures the firearm while allowing a fast draw stroke.

The wide neoprene ankle band utilizes hook and loop closure to attach firmly, comfortably accommodating ankles up to 13 inches around. Genuine sheepskin padding prevents abrasion while an optional calf strap enhances stability during movement.

Equally suited for backup carry or deep concealment, this leather holster keeps an easily accessed firearm within reach while almost imperceptible under pant legs. Its accommodating fit and simple design optimize concealed ankle carry. Galco’s exceptional craftsmanship also ensures seasons of reliable performance.

Best for bra carry: Flashbang

The Flashbang holster solves the dilemma of comfortable concealed carry without compromising style. This ingenious design works discreetly with your existing bras to securely retain a micro or subcompact firearm.

The lightweight Flashbang uses a "clamshell" KYDEX shell that clicks securely around the trigger guard area of your handgun. An elastic strap then anchors this assembly to the bottom band of your bra, keeping the firearm tucked close to the body.

This design allows you to carry with comfort and confidence while wearing fitted tops and dresses that would normally preclude concealment. The Flashbang adds no visible bulk or lines, only discreet and convenient security.

Accessing your weapon takes seconds thanks to the magnetic trigger guard latch releasing the KYDEX portion as you draw. The Flashbang also protects both gun and skin from moisture and irritation for comfortable all-day wear.

As an added bonus, this bra holster design even accommodates smaller-chested figures.

If you choose to carry your mico-compact gun in an IWB KYDEX holster, apply our memory foam pad and avoid the itching, gouging, and other pesky discomforts!

How to choose the right holster for your micro-compact handgun?

When choosing a gun holster for a micro-compact handgun, consider the following factors:

  1. Concealability. The holster should make the handgun as inconspicuous as possible, with options like low-profile leather and minimal printing for concealed carry.
  2. Comfort. Look for holsters made from comfortable materials to prevent discomfort during extended wear. Features like adjustable ride height, sweat guards, and accessories like our memory foam holster pads can enhance comfort.
  3. Retention. The holster must securely hold the concealed carry weapon in place. Features such as adjustable retention screws and trigger guard coverage are important for keeping the handgun secure.
  4. Accessibility. Quick and easy access to the firearm is crucial. Choose a holster with smooth and efficient draw mechanics for seamless deployment when needed.
  5. Quality construction. Invest in a holster made from durable materials such as KYDEX or premium leather for long-term use.

Selecting a concealed carry holster that aligns with your carry style, provides secure retention, and ensures both comfort and concealability is essential for a smooth and comfortable carry.

CCW holster for micro-compact pistols FAQ

What kind of belt should I use for concealed carry?

For concealed carry, it's best to use a dedicated gun belt that is rigid enough to support the weight of your firearm and holster. Look for a belt crafted from 1.5mm thick leather or polymer that features a reinforced core to stop sagging, but retains some flexibility for comfort. This allows secure support for IWB carry while avoiding visible printing of the grip through clothing.

What holster is best for people who don't wear belts?

For those who don't wear a belt, an excellent option is a belly band holster constructed of wide, durable elastic. These wrap around the waist to hold a compact firearm in place, distribute weight comfortably, and feature non-slip lining or retention straps for security. They also avoid the need for belt loops on clothing while allowing flexible positioning from the appendix to side carry.

What size belt loop is best for the holster?

Look for a holster with 1.5-1.75-inch wide loops to accommodate the thick gun belts required for stability while carrying concealed. This belt loop width helps distribute the firearm's weight properly through the belt's reinforced core. Standard 1.25-inch loops risk allowing too much rocking movement or sagging over time.

What is the most popular concealed carry position?

The most popular and accessible carry position for concealing a defensive firearm is the appendix position, centered forward of the strong-side hip at about 1-2 o'clock. This allows efficient, easily concealed draw strokes combined with effective weapon retention, especially while seated.

What types of holsters are most comfortable?

For maximum comfort, a hybrid holster combining a molded KYDEX or polymer shell with a supple leather or synthetic backing rides close to the body with little printing. Sweat-resistant backings paired with a rolled edge for comfort next to the skin make for all day wearability and confidence.

Is leather or KYDEX better for a holster?

Both quality leather and molded KYDEX or polymer have pros and cons for holsters. Leather offers smooth comfort and some retention but needs maintenance. KYDEX allows durable, weatherproof protection and adjustment but can be rigid at first. Hybrid designs balance these strengths for versatile form, function, and access.

What holster material provides the most secure grip?

Sticky holsters made from rubberized materials or tacky textures cling securely to the firearm, ensuring a solid grip regardless of body movement or activity while avoiding scratching the weapon's finish.

Which holster option works best for different body types?

Holsters like belly bands use elastic materials and adjustable positioning to adapt to different body shapes and sizes for comfortable, concealable carry. They cater to wider ranges of anatomy than traditional holsters which are focused on belt use.

Do magazine holsters allow fast access for reloads?

Individual mag pouches with open tops or magnet closures allow very fast access to spare magazines for rapid reloads. They also protect and stabilize magazines while keeping them organized for more efficient handling.

What features help a holster retain pistols safely?

Active retention with thumb releases plus passive friction and tension techniques combine to keep a pistol properly secured. This avoids having it slip free while still allowing smooth, rapid presentation from concealed carry holsters.

Can a concealment claw prevent printing through clothing?

Concealment claws can prevent printing through clothing. Small hooks or wings on holsters push grip areas closer to the body to minimize printing of the gun's shape against lighter clothing, keeping the concealed weapon hidden.

About the author: Mark Buff is the founder and CEO of GunZee. He is an ardent firearms enthusiast and has been carrying concealed for more than 15 years. He created GunZee to solve his own problem: that of uncomfortable KYDEX holsters. His patented GunZee memory foam holster pad makes inside-the-waistband carry super comfortable.

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